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Who We Are .

We are a niche international SMS and Voice communications carrier. We engage our partners with global networks by working with carefully selected network providers and building strategic partnerships with MVO’s and MVNO’s. 

We can help your business grow by securing large volumes of organic traffic and key destinations. Our partners can leverage from our years of working with various operators to efficiently manage their gateways and improve profitability. Our transparent business transactions will straightly lead to enduring partnerships.

What We Provide .

We provide cost-effective exclusive SMS and Voice service delivery to all major networks in the Middle East and Indian Sub Continent regions; ensured by our dedicated team. 

Our wide range of product mix is going to satisfy the diversified needs of international mobile operators, carriers, aggregators, retailers, and wholesalers.

Omni Connect Global Omni Connect Global Omni Connect Global
Omni Connect Global

Wholesale Hubbing SMS

A2P & P2A

Marketing & Promotional SMS

Transactional & OTP SMS AP

International SMS Gateways


Aggregators, wholesalers, and retailers can use our standard SMPP solutions to easily send thousands to billions of texts through OMNI-SMS. Software developers can create P2P messaging applications that integrate directly into the mobile SMS Network. We are able to provide high deliverability and low latency with our simple and easy to use API and our robust switch. We offer a flexible and reliable platform for your business needs at highly competitive market rates.

Omni Connect Global

Quality Assured Direct Suppliers

Proactive Management Of QoS

Higher ACD/ASR Metrics

Full CLI Guaranteed

Wholesale Pricing With Solid Quality


Our market leading quality assured interconnections make OMNI-Voice the ideal choice for international wholesale carriers, mobile operators, and retailers looking for high quality cost-effective worldwide voice-termination.  We offer all sort of end-to-end delivery including carefully selected direct, transit routes to Tier-1/2 international carriers and premium routes. Comprehensive quality monitoring and anti-fraud mechanisms. We are interested in bilateral SWAPS or hubbing traffic exchange for any business opportunities.

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